PSA Cables has partnered with TKD Kabel and is the sole distributor of TKD Cables in Southern Africa.
TKD Kabels is one of the largest and best-known suppliers of cables and is the third largest supplier in Europe. The PSA Cables sales team consists of highly motivated, qualified and competent staff with many years of experience in the cable industry. Please ask for our short-form catalog.

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PSA & TKD ready-made cable assemblies - The economical solution

These days the economy also demands in our section more Ready-to-use systems and modules. PSA & TKD Cables recognised this trend very early on and is now able to offer a wide range of ready-made cable assemblies for almost every type Of operation.

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PSA & TKD Cable Systems for all sectors of the industry

In addition to a comprehensive programme of standardised cable products for actuation manufacture or special machine manufacture (E.g. products designed to Siemens, Lenze or SE W standards), PSA & TKD also owns a wide product range of standard spiral cables. We also manufacture plug-in systems to our customers’ individual requirements.Trust is placed in PSA & TKD and our” know-how”, particularly in demanding application areas such as automation, actuation, data or medical technology. Where people value competency and quality you will find solutions from PSA & TKD.

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ALINDUFLEX – PSA & TKD’s revolution in the rubber cable segment

High flexible Aluminium conductors insulated by superb rubber materials are being combined with reliable connection technologies and create an innovative new cable concept for making your live easier: • Low weight• Outstanding flexibility• Convincing handling• Excellent value for moneyTKDs ALINDUFLEX® will simplify your life!

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Alinduplus – Connection Technology

C8 - CrimpThe properties of aluminium require suitable connection technology for the aluminium conductor to allow electrical safety and mechanical strength

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