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Our process engineering division specializes in the complete turnkey supply of process solutions in the food, beverage and brewery industry. We have partnered with a number of renowned European companies to be able to offer latest technology and solutions to meet our customer needs. We will partner with our customer through the complete project life cycle. From the conceptual design requirements, all the way through detailed engineering, manufacturing, installation and commissioning.

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All popular single seat valves, double seat, mix proof valves in aseptic and hygienic finish.
These valves ensure that in the dairy, food and beverage industry maximum productivity, safety and quality are achieved.
• Single Seat Valves
• Double seat Valves
• Sampling Valves
• Safety Valves
• Flow Control Valves
• Overflow Valves
• Valve Cluster and Pigging Systems


Heat Exchangers:

Fisher Product Range

The Fischer product range includes various systems and plate profiles.
We can offer the most efficient designs for heat exchangers in the most varied types of application.

In-house development and design make it possible to manufacture the appropriate heat exchangers for all thermal processing situations.
In addition, in-house tooling construction, fitted with the best machine technology makes it possible to implement special constructions rapidly.




Centrifugal pumps are the prime mover and the “backbone” of most liquids processing systems. The requirements for having an easily cleanable pump in hygienic or aseptic fluids transfer has traditionally meant that hygienic pump manufacturers have sacrificed efficiency for cleanliness.

The KPA range of centrifugal pumps have been designed to be as efficient as possible, while maintaining class leading ultra-hygienic design, with EHEDG approval on all models. The pumps can be supplied with integral frequency inverters that can adjust pump speed to match process requirements, so you don’t lose all that energy in throttling valves or the additional losses in pipe friction resulting from excessive flow. Notably engineers at PSA Process Engineering don’t just pick a pump for a process but will look at the process requirements and the pump as a whole, calculating energy losses due to pipe friction, recommending ways of reducing those losses to a minimum and selecting a pump that is going to give years of energy efficient service. Not only are the KPA pumps efficient but they use DIN standard mechanical seals and BS or ISO standard O rings throughout, ensuring that spare parts are readily available from anywhere and at a cost effective price. Furthermore, maintenance is easy with the KPA pump housing clamp, stub shaft and IEC metric frame motors. . Some processes such as CIP return, yeast skimming in breweries and road tanker off-loading in dairies can be difficult with entrained air/gas causing centrifugal pumps to air-lock. For these applications KPA manufacture the KN-sp self-priming centrifugal pump range and the S-Type liquid ring pump range which we believe to be the best CIP scavenge pump around due to its ability to handle air/gas mixtures and its ease of maintenance.


Other Products

Tank Equipment, Strainer and Sight Glass, Valve Technology, Fittings, Connections, Pipes and accessories and Cleaning Technology.