At PSA SOLAR we take great pride in our knowledge of PV and battery systems.
By combining our passion for renewable energy, our years of experience and utilizing proprietary software, we design and simulate your system to create tailor-made, brand-independent solutions to suit every environment and budget.
Whether you want to Loadshed-proof your house, generate grid-tied power for self-consumption in your business or provide a containerized battery power solution for greenfields projects, PSA SOLAR can design, simulate and install at any scale.
We provide complete engineered solutions for grid-tied, off-grid, hybrid and container-based PV systems.
Each of these can be fully integrated with a backup generator to provide complete peace of mind and uninterrupted power.
PSA SOLAR offer full turnkey solutions from residential to commercial scale, utilizing the latest in inverter and battery technology to meet your energy needs.

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Thanks to our technically competent personnel, we guarantee extensive support to the specialist trade with our advice and actions.
The delivery of goods that are ready to use requires precise preparation:
To achieve this, we will provide you with comprehensive support.
Through choosing PSA-Solar , you will receive everything from one single source.
Consequently, the individual components can be perfectly coordinated with one another.
For large-scale turnkey projects, our customers will benefit from our finalizing procedures that are delivered in cooperation with our partner companies on site.
Our experienced employees will personally supervise the installation and ensure that the project runs smoothly.

Small Backup Unit:

    The small backup units are plug and play and come complete in their own enclosure.
    They only need the solar panels installed on the roof and 2 cables to run to the unit.
    It has a conventional 3-pin plug into which an extension cord can be plugged and your appliances can run from there.
    They are ‘bottom of the range’ solutions for TV and computers/routers etc.

    The medium backup units are proper solar installations with lithium battery backup which carry 10 year warrantees.
    This will supply power to your loads through the DB board and will switch over automatically.
    They cannot run everything in the house like geysers and stoves/ovens, but will easily run all lights and other appliances for a few hours to get you through load shedding.

    The geyser solutions are PV based and feature a dual element which can use either AC or DC voltage.
    The solar panels supply the DC element during the day which gives you hot water at night and the AC element can be used with the geyser controller if you want it to heat up the water again early morning.
    There is no plumbing required and it uses the existing geyser.

    The smart wifi switches can be used to control any appliances from an App on your phone.
    It can be used to operate your garage door, lights, appliances and geyser and you can set scheduled timers for auto on/off as well as manual intervention when you need it.